Thursday, 29 April 2010

April round-up - Croissants

This months challenge was hosted by Corrie from Hot Potato. She chose croissants from River Cottage Bread Handbook by Daniel Stevens, a book both myself and Jules love and use regularly. Unfortunately I haven't found time to participate this month but plenty of other members have with fantastic results.


Merlotti said...

Well done everyone - another successful baking session!

Sally said...

To all you fabulous bakers who posted this month, you have my admiration. I tried and failed - I think the main problem was the high temperature at this time of year in Dubai; even with the a/c on high I couldn't keep the butter cold enough at the initial rolling out stage. I nearly posted the warts and all agony because it was quite funny to see enormous bubbles of butter in the dough! Your experiences and pics have helped and I will try again - definitely with half quantities. Look forward to posting again next month.