Friday, 28 January 2011

January round-up - Khruschev dough

This month's FFTO challege was hosted by Silvia and Ivan from mushitza. They chose a Russian recipe, Khrushchev dough. How to shape and fill the dough was left up to the FFTO members. It was really nice to see everyones delicious fillings and all the differnt shapes whilst putting the round-up together.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to Silvia and Ivan for hosting.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

December round-up - Cranberry-Oat Sourdough Scones

This month's FFTO challege was hosted by Anet from Waiting for Good Dough. Some FFTO members have been working on a sourdough starter so this was a perfect opportunity to use some of the starter in sweet baking. For the FFTO members who didn't have a sourdough starter to hand and alternative recipe using buttermilk was used.

December is always a busy month for bakers so a big thanks to everyone who took part this month.