Saturday, 4 September 2010

August Challenge - Brioche

Many thanks to Chele for hosting this month's FFTO challenge. I think Brioche has been on the must bake list for a lot of people for a while. Like many of the recipes we've baked at FFTO it has come from our favourite River Cottage Handbook: Bread.




Silvia & Ivan



p.s. sorry for the odd formatting in this post. Blogger is playing up.


Sally said...

Sorry I couldn't join in this month. Emjoyed reading everyone's experiences and will make this week now back in my own home after travelling.

Anonymous said...

I love river cottage and your bread look really delicious. I was just wondering if you could give my blog a shout out or take a look i have a give away going on atm! Would be great if you could take a peak. But back to the bread it looks beautiful xx