Sunday, 2 January 2011

December round-up - Cranberry-Oat Sourdough Scones

This month's FFTO challege was hosted by Anet from Waiting for Good Dough. Some FFTO members have been working on a sourdough starter so this was a perfect opportunity to use some of the starter in sweet baking. For the FFTO members who didn't have a sourdough starter to hand and alternative recipe using buttermilk was used.

December is always a busy month for bakers so a big thanks to everyone who took part this month.


Chele said...

They all look fab. I went to the effort of making a sourdough starter for this recipe, only to kill it, so I never made the scones. It is the third time I've attempted a starter and the third time its died, I'm guessing I'm just not the parental type ;0)

Ovens said...
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